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The company has brought together a research group comprising Seafood Innovations Ltd jkXN

A $5.2 million research project converse-pro-star-fastbreak-bœuf-beigenoirblanc-converse-hauts-hauts-blanc-converse-vente-sweat-à-capuche-s-adaptateur-vente-tout-à-fait-élégant-biknoquz29 to understand the specific dietary needs of king salmon could result in less feed being used cutting the environmental footprint of farms in the Marlborough Sounds, says New Zealand King Salmon

Spearheaded by the company, which has nine farms in the Marlborough Sounds, researchers are trying to understand the best feed for salmon.

The company has brought together a research group comprising Seafood Innovations Ltd, Nelson's Cawthron Institute, the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology and Danish feed producer BioMar.

New Zealand King Salmon chief operating officer Ruben Alvarez said the nutritional requirements of the rare King Salmon species farmed predominantly in New Zealand differ considerably from the common Atlantic salmon, trout and other salmon species farmed elsewhere in the world.

The nike-performance-hypervenomx-proximo-ic-chaussures-de-foot-dintérieur-blackvolt-air-sale-enfants-mag-hot-dévoué-nike-bfiuw12348 company lacked detailed dietary information on king salmon, Alvarez said.

"It was obvious that if we didn't drive this research, it would not happen," he said.

The aim of the world first study is to develop a high quality, species specific feed that improves vastly on the generic products currently available, Alvarez said.

It would enhance aquaculture feed for the fish, while at the same time reducing its environmental footprint.

Alvarez said the research was not driven by opponents to salmon farms.

Half the funding for the project will be provided by government through Seafood Innovations Ltd, a research partnership supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Sustain our Sounds chairman Clare Pinder said it was outrageous taxpayers would have to pick up a $2.6m tab to fund the research for New Zealand King Salmon, a Malaysian multi national company.

"This money could have gone a long way to helping local tourism companies push their business. I think they [New Zealand King Salmon] should pay for their own research."

She was sceptical about the research following previous broken promises from New Zealand King Salmon that a multi million contract to supply feed and build salmon pens would stay in the region.

"There is extensive scientific evidence that shows salmon farming is not an environmentally sustainable activity. It is like having a chicken farm nike-performance-zoom-ascention-chaussures-de-basket-noirblanc-enfants-formateurs-et-chaussures-de-fitness-je-peux-pas-cher-où-acheter-abegjost23 on the sea.

"There is a lot of fish in a vif-pas-chergris-foncé-vieux-or-genre-enfants-targhee-pré-sandale-janes-classique-styles-vifs-mary-grade-lnsxy03567-vif small area feeding on a lot of food. What impact is this having on the environment?

There was little evidence as to the long term effect of salmon farming in the Sounds, Pinder said.

Marlborough District Council had stepped up monitoring marine farms, spending $337,000 on a coastal monitoring strategy to adidas-performance-sauver-pureboost-zgneutre-chaussures-de-coursecore-noirchoc-rose-chaussures-chaussures-adidas-styles-classiques-womenrunning-maroon-cdghiqvw69 ensure farms didn't reach tipping point, Pinder said.

Kenepuru and Central Sounds Residents' Association chairman Ross Withell said the research was long overdue.

"Marine farming has been developed and developed in the Marlborough Sounds without any adequate research."

SIL general manager Mike Mandeno said the project is predicted to bolster King Salmon's sustainable reputation.

"A king salmon specific feed would also have commercial benefits for New Zealand producers in terms of exports, job creation and ultimately the profitability of the industry," Mandeno said.

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