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  Santez Makina, established in 2003 as a group company, Provides spare material and equipment sales services for electrical and electronic product groups used in the defense industry.

Our company aims to provide the needs of private and public institutions in the shortest time, most accurately and economically; Customer benefit, accuracy, continuity and reliability.

Our priority; Sales, arge, supply and technical service is our absolute customer satisfaction with our service. We work without sacrificing working principles and quality, and we have the confidence that our customers are hearing us. In this respect, we have become a model company that creates resources for the defense industry, especially the Naval Forces in terms of electrical and electronic products, and adds sector value.

We supply and sell all brands and all kinds of electronic materials in and out of the country. However, we do not just stay with it, we also offer alternative solutions to our suppliers with our knowledge and experience for many years.

As a principle we work with every stock in stock and if necessary we also provide custom products. Especially we supply the originals or counterparts of the military type products as soon as possible. We are a company that has proved its success in this matter.

Switches, Military Type Connectors, Buttons / Switches, Diodes, Thyristors, Integrators, Transistors, Power Modules, Potentiometers, Converters, Military Type Switches, Military Type Relays and Sensors, Transformers and Coils, Circuit Breakers, Measuring Instruments, Transformers, Capacitors, Fuses And pads are just some of our product groups.



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